Innovative Hy-Carbon Engine Cleaning with ALFAMAN

Huw North & OJ


An Absolutely Excellent!

18 Jan 2019 at 00:16 GMT

Thank you for the engine clean with the magical flex fuel machine I can confirm six months on from having this done I have recommended this to everybody with respect to experience the benefits. 


-impeccable Alfaman Service utmost cares taken



Car goes FASTER! Engine running very smoothly now and much much more quietly actually like NEW.

An absolutely excellent service has paid for itself quicker than I had anticipated and it did feel something akin to a leap of faith in going for this procedure well that faith has been repaid exponentially. 


Eddy Mann


QuickTrak's Computerised 4 Wheels Alignment System with Fasep

1 Aug 2018 at 08:25 GMT

Try this Computerised 8CCD 4Wheels Aligner on Your Car!


Eddy Mann


Hy Carbon Engine Cleaning is ...

27 Oct 2018 11:31 GMT

    Hydrogen cleaning machine works wonders on diesel and petrol engine cars ....cuts smoke, emissions, increases fuel economy, increase  engine life  and makes the engine run smoother, and gives you more instant power.

Our machine pumps 600 litres of hydrogen gas per hour via the intake pipe and cleans out all the engine components that the Hydrogen gas comes into contact with .

  For petrol engines ....  we run the car for 2 hours.... that's   1200 litres cleaning out the carbon inside your engine and exhaust system including the intake and exhaust manifolds,  the valves and valve stems so they don't stick ,piston tops and  the catalytic converter and the Lambda probes. Rejuvenating the engine ,cutting running costs and increases reliability and engine life.

 For diesel engines.... we run the process for one and a half hours, the process  cleans out all the sludge and gunge  and goo from the intake manifold. This is a main problem for diesel engines.   The machine opens and closes the  EGR valve if fitted so it gets cleaned properly, the hydrogen cleans the vales , the valve stems - so they don't stick ,the piston tops and the exhaust system, which includes the  CATALITIC CONVERTER , THE LAMDBA PROBES,  the DPF and the rest of the exhaust manifold.

 Over the years  we have wasted countless hours  stripping and cleaning blocked intake manifolds  that have been clogged up. Valve stems that have been caked in carbon and were stocking,wearing out cams and crankshafts and bringing an end to many  GDI injected engines. Now we have this wonderful tool to speed up the process and to cut costs for the motorists.

Modern petrol cars have different types of petrol fuel injectors, the GDI and PIZZO injectors bypass the intake manifold and that means the valve stems get carbon on them because there is no petrol to wash down the moving parts, carbon from the exhaust cycle starts to stick to the valve stems so the valves start to stick, causing major engine wear. Hydrogen cleans all the carbon away and this type of engine can now breath and run properly again.

Our machine was built by a famous company that supply huge hydrogen generator machinery for the marine industry. The French Navy and Huge Cargo/Passenger Ships use Hydrogen generators to cut fuel costs and to save huge amounts of money on costly Engine rebuilds and maintenance. Truck racers also run huge hydrogen generators on board their racers to produce more power to their engines.

 We charge £125 to carry this service out here in Rayners Lane Harrow. The results we have got from this machine are quite incredible. This treatment can not cure any mechanical or electrical fault in your car. What it does is rejuvenate the engine so you can get a lot more usage out of your engine with less costs on fuel.